Sustainable Tourism in Donegal

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Sustainable Tourism in Donegal at The Bee Pods

The Essence of Sustainable Tourism in Donegal

The United Nations World Tourism Organisation defines sustainable tourism as “Tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry and the environment, and host communities”.

Picture Collage of The Beepods in Donegal Supports Sustainable Tourism

Our Commitment to Sustainability in Tourism

In line with this, we have built and designed The Bee Pods, near Rossnowlagh Beach in south County Donegal, taking only what land we needed, leaving the rest to nature and the natural habitat, while our own supporting the local community. We continually strive to improve our environmental practices, and reduce our carbon footprint, so that we can protect this beautiful place and pass it on to future generations. We spend time educating ourselves and continually learning about sustainability.

Here are some of the actions we have taken and continue to improve upon, as we try to minimise our footprint on the local Donegal environment:

Eco-Friendly Practices at The Bee Pods

Chemical-Free Gardening

We do not use weed killers or any other harmful chemicals in our gardens to promote a safe and natural environment.  

Eco-Friendly Practices At The Beepods for Sustainable Tourism in Donegal Picture of Chemical Free Garden, Organic Ingredients & Use of Own Firewood

Rainwater Harvesting

We have rainwater harvesting tanks to supply water to our garden and polytunnel. And we are in the process of installing a rainwater system which will provide all water to our toilets, minimising mains water usage.

Organic and Sustainable Products

We provide high-quality, organic, chemical-free, refillable natural products in our guest bathrooms, and ecological toilet paper is used.

Recycling and Composting

We ask and encourage, our guests to use the clearly marked recycle bins.

We compost all our green organic waste, including the reuse of seaweed from our guests’ seaweed baths on our garden beds.  

Energy and Resource Conservation

Natural Materials

We also make our own fertilisers from the seaweed, nettle and comfrey. Banana skins and egg shells are dried, and put through a grinder, for use in our tunnel and vegetable beds. Where possible we use natural pigment paints and natural fabrics, natural woods, local pottery and Donegal stone, in the decoration of all our glamping pods.

Sustainable Firewood

We use timber from our own trees for firewood. We continually re-plant trees, and hedgerows, for the bees, birds, and wildlife and shelter for our two pygmy goats, wild foxes and other animals.

Sustainable Tourism in Donegal by Supporting Local and Reducing Carbon Footprint 

Promoting Local Transport 

We support environmentally sustainable tourism by encouraging guests to walk, use the ‘local link’ bus service or take out one of our bicycles and cycle. We provide maps, torches, hi-viz jackets, and helmets.  We encourage our guests to stay longer with a minimum of two nights, thus encouraging people to travel less and enjoy the environment we have created.

Supporting Local Producers

We always seek to support the very best of Donegal and are particularly focused on supporting small local producers or providers who provide local foods and contribute to the local community. We also act as a showcase for local producers.

Digital Efficiency

We send e-invoices to reduce the amount of paper we use and also reuse paper/paper bags in any way possible. All printed matter is printed with natural printed inks.

Our Beehives and Local Food Production

Bee Conservation

Our Beehives. Our bees are so important to the environment, and we do everything we can to protect them. The bees produce over 400 pounds of honey annually which is harvested on site. We have the added benefit of offering our guests a very exclusive, home-produced product as part of their Bee Pods experience. We encourage our guests to find out more about the bees with books in all pods and offer free tours of the bees with William, the Head Beekeeper.

Bee Hive, Farming and Local Food Production at The Beepods

Foraging and Farming

Food for free. Siobhan grew up in a large family on a farm, foraging and living off the land was part of her life growing up. We enjoyed nettle soup, gorse syrup, elderflower cordial, growing our own fruit, and vegetables, making butter, yoghurt, jams and chutneys. It was all part of living for us and still is, as much as we can make it so in our own space. 

Sustainable Tourism in Donegal & Future Sustainability Goals

We take our commitment to our shared planet very seriously and are working on several initiatives to further reduce our carbon footprint. We are registered in the Fáilte Ireland Climate Action Programme and currently working on Green For Business with the help of LEO. Our current objectives are:

Renewable Energy Installations

Plans include:

  •  Install a heat pump system
  • PV solar system to generate our electricity
  • Electric charging facilities

Tree Planting Initiatives

We aim to plant more trees in our garden/orchard and to expand our vegetable garden and orchards, enhancing the local ecosystem.

Sustainability Info Sharing

Help our cherished guests to understand and help us to carbon neutral their visit. 

At The Bee Pods, we aim to create memorable and unique experiences for our guests, which protects and respects this beautiful place. We truly appreciate the gifts that Mother Nature has showered us with and we do everything possible to preserve our environment and protect the wildlife. We have a deep connection with nature and looking after our bees. As members of the Sustainable Tourism Network, we are committed to continuous improvement. 

Reconnect with nature and soak up the beauty of Donegal’s Wild Atlantic Way at The Bee Pods. Our luxurious eco-pods provide a unique and sustainable escape, ideal for those seeking to minimise their footprint while maximising their enjoyment. Become a responsible traveller and book your unforgettable stay at The Bee Pods today!